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  Please select from the list below your training category. You can select more than one. Cost is $50/Module. If you want to customize your training please contact for assistance.
  Each group below has multiple modules that make up that complete training. Once you select your area of interest we can email you the course outline.

Programs   Virtual Trainers  
Custom Electric Motor Control (85-MT5)
Industry 4.0 Fundamentals Measurement Tools 1 (950-MES1)
Automation Production Assembly (950-PAS1)
Electronics Split Flange Coupling Assembly (95-PAS2)
Electrical Electric Torque Wrench Assembly (95-PAS3)
Fluid Power Mastering Programmable Controllers (A-B CompactLogix L16) (990-PABCL1F)
Green Technology AC/DC Electrical Systems (T7017A)
Lean Manufacturing Electrical Control 1 (96-ECS1)
Machining Machine Tools 1 (96-MP1)
Manufacturing Process Mechanical Systems (96-MEC1)
Materials Basic Pneumatics (96-PNE1/85-BP)
Mechanical Basic Hydraulics (85-BH)
Process Control    
Quality Assurance    
Workplace Effectiveness